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Limit 1 per customer/household - signed & numbered limited edition hardcover

A definitive collection of Stephen King’s classic short story which was adapted for television by Richard Christian Matheson. We start with King’s short story and then move to R.C. Matheson’s script for the opening episode of “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”, which starred William Hurt and was directed by Brian Henson. Henson provided storyboards used for the episode which won two Emmy awards. The book contains 8 pages of color photos from TNT’s archives; photos never before released.

Contributors include:

  • Director Brian Henson
  • Executive Producer Bill Haber
  • Jeff Beal, who won an Emmy for his score for Battleground
  • Actor William Hurt
  • Michael Wright, Executive Vice President and Director of Programming for TNT
  • Visual Effects director Sam Nicholson
  • Producer Jeff Hayes
  • Lee Romaire, Special Makeup and Effects Designer
  • Gauntlet Press Publisher Barry Hoffman

Richard Christian Matheson edited the book and also wrote the screenplay for the episode.

This is the signed & numbered limited hardcover edition which is signed by: Director Brian Henson, Executive Producer Bill Haber, Jeff Beal, who won an Emmy for his score for Battleground, Actor William Hurt, Michael Wright, Executive Vice President and Director of Programming for TNT, Visual Effects director Sam Nicholson, Producer Jeff Hayes, Lee Romaire, Special Makeup and Effects Designer and Gauntlet Press Publisher Barry Hoffman

“This book is a kick in the pants!… Money well spent… Hours and hours of entertainment.”
— Randall Flagg, The Dark Tower

“(Stephen King’s Battleground) will primarily appeal to Stephen King superfans, those readers and aficionados who must own everything associated with Stephen King, his writing, and films based on his work. But this book deserves a broader appeal, too, not just for horror fans but for anyone interested in film and how movies – especially good ones – are made.”
— Kevin Quigley, FearNet

“This book cannot be read… one can only devour it.”
— Club Stephen King

“Compiled and edited by RC Matheson, BATTLEGROUND is a King collector’s item of a special sort….may be one of Gauntlet’s best offerings ever…delves behind the curtains and offers help to screenwriters, authors, and others.”
— Horrorworld

“We’ve never seen a book so complete that covers EVERYTHING of a Stephen King story adapted to film.”
— Insomnia

“Gauntlet’s latest offering wages war on page to commemorate the deadly evolution of Stephen King’s toy story from hell. Edited by Richard Christian Matheson, Battleground explodes with a volley of interviews, insight, short story, and more plus the dialogue-free script that birthed the Emmy award winning first episode of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. War may be hell, but Battleground is a rare and gritty joy.”
— Rue Morgue

“…thoughtful remembrances of the creative process make this tome a joy to read. Stephen King fans will likely be rendered speechless with delight.”
— Hellnotes

“It is amazing how much collaboration and sweat goes into the making of a television movie, and a treat to peek behind the curtain to see how it is done. This is a gorgeous, oversized book, filled with photos and inside information revealed for the first time.”
— The Tomb of Dark Delights

“This is a literary love song to not only King and Christian Matheson but to the entire collaborative process.”
– William Simmons, Hellnotes

Product info: SHORT-TERM PREORDER (ETA: December 2023/January 2024), published by Gauntlet Press