Richard Laymon's Funland Special Definitive Edition (JUNE 6TH 2017)

This Product is Not Sold Out - It Will Be Available for Preorder on Tuesday, June 6th 2017 on this page.

Come one come all to Richard Laymon’s Funland… Special Definitive Edition! The grand opening takes place on June 6th 2017 over on Arcades, rides, even live banjo music! There will be plenty to enjoy… just keep a look out for the trolls… and stay away from the boardwalk at night.

Dark Regions Press is excited to present Richard Laymon’s Funland Special Definitive Edition launching for preorder on Tuesday, June 6th 2017 in two signed collectible formats. Featuring an introduction by Jack Ketchum, a new afterword by Brian Keene and over 50 pages of author notes and scanned pages during Richard’s work on Funland from the Laymon archives. Artist Malcolm McClinton has supplied us with fantastic wraparound dust jacket artwork and five full page interior illustrations based on the novel. The book will be signed by authors Jack Ketchum and Brian Keene with the deluxe edition also being signed by editor James R. Beach and artist Malcolm McClinton.

Funland Synopsis

The resort of Boleta Bay is not the carefree place it used to be. A series of unexplained disappearances, and holiday-makers threatened by an army of leering bums, casts a shadow over summer pleasures. But now Boleta Bay is fighting back and their campaign leads them to the abandoned Funhouse.

The Funland Amusement Park provides more fear than fun these days. A vicious pack known as the Trolls are preying on anyone foolish enough to be alone at night. Folks in the area blame them for the recent mysterious disappearances, and a gang of local teenagers has decided to fight back. But nothing is ever what it seems in an amusement park. Behind the garish paint and bright lights waits a horror far worse than anything found in the freak show. Step right up. The terror is about to begin!

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