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Featuring three of the greatest authors of horror and highlighting one of their greatest works: Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House (set of 3).

These bookmarks highlight selected writers from the series with the author’s pen and ink portrait on one side, and a color illustration of one of their works on the other.

These high-quality bookmarks can also be displayed as mini posters pinned up on a corkboard or mood board by removing the tassel and pinning through the hole. See photos with examples of how cool this can look, especially with an author you love. 

The black and white ink portrait and author’s name is on one side, and a full color illustration of the author and one of their works on the other. The design for these bookmarks begins with Stephen Foster's original artwork, which is then digitally colored and assembled into my designed bookmark template. The work is printed by Stephen in his shop, hand cut and assembled. These are handmade items, so exact dimensions may vary slightly, as well as the hand cut rounded corners.

  • 3 Two-sided Handmade Illustrated Author Bookmarks
  • Printed on premium cold press Strathmore Watercolor paper, 140 lb. 300 gsm
  • Bookmarks measure 3" x 7" (76 x 177.8 mm) and are 2 sided, with white tassel attached.
  • Some of the supplied images show both the front and back of a single author bookmark. This offering is for a set of all 3 bookmarks.

Note that the colors of the art are reproduced as accurately as possible. However, as with studio photography, there is some variation, depending on the various lighting sources used.

Product info: PREORDER (ETA: January/February 2024), created by Stephen Foster Design