Deluxe Hardcover Showcase from Dark Regions Press

January 21, 2019

Dark Regions Press has published hundreds of deluxe lettered/numbered hardcovers since its inception in 1985. Almost all in-print deluxe hardcovers from Dark Regions Press are sold out, but we still have several deluxe editions available for preorder on our website. This Deluxe Showcase shares with our customers photos of past deluxe DRP books and gives everyone a convenient list of deluxe hardcovers that are still available for order/preorder from us. Thanks as always to everyone for supporting independent specialty publishing!

Deluxe Hardcovers from Dark Regions Press Still Available for Order/Preorder As Of 01/21/2019 (Click Titles to Order)

Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography Book Deluxe Signed & Numbered Slipcased Hardcover - Shipping Now

Offspring 30th Anniversary Edition by Jack Ketchum Deluxe Signed & Lettered Traycased Hardcover - Preorder - Only 2 Remaining!

The Cal Wild Chronicles by Gene O'Neill Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder - Only 1 Remaining!

Transmissions from Punktown Edited by Brian M. Sammons Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder

I AM THE ABYSS Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder

The Red Brain: Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder

Nightmare's Realm: New Tales of the Weird & Fantastic Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder

Return of the Old Ones: Apocalyptic Lovecraftian Horror Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder - Only 8 Copies Left!

Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder - Only 5 Copies Left!

Pirates of the Old World Deluxe Hardcover - Preorder

Dark Regions Press Deluxe Hardcover Gallery (All Sold Out)



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