Pirates of the Old World (PREORDER)

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Nightmarish creatures are invading from the sea to destroy villages and kingdoms of pirate clans. Two powerful clan leaders take matters into their own hands and discover the source of the sea terrors... and an enormous treasure guarded therein. They will lead their men on treacherous voyages to stop the sea creatures and risk their lives for the greatest treasure in the history of the world.

Pirates of the Old World is a new anthology of plunder, adventure and cosmic horror created by Chris Morey and edited by Chris Morey and Keith Lansdale. Featuring wraparound dust jacket artwork by Richard Luong (Cthulhu Wars), Pirates of the Old World will include original stories accompanied by illustrations from multiple authors and artists. Based in a shared world of open seas, Old Ones and black magic.

This early preorder is a new limited-time offer that will be gone after our Cthulhu Sale in January 2019 ends!

Product Info: Publisher: Dark Regions Press, PREORDER (ETA: Q4 2020)

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