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Limit 1 per customer/household of the lettered edition

We are excited to announce the next Josh Malerman special edition coming from Dark Regions Press - Spin a Black Yarn! Featuring wraparound cover artwork by Vincent Chong, 10 interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, a new afterword and bonus materials provided by Josh Malerman! Spin a Black Yarn Special Edition will be published in 500 signed & numbered hardcover and 52 deluxe lettered traycased hardcover formats designed to line up with the Dark Regions Press special editions of Bird Box and Malorie by Josh Malerman. 

About the Book: 

Five harrowing novellas of horror and speculative fiction from the singular mind of the New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box.

Josh Malerman is a master weaver of stories—and in this spine-chilling collection he spins five twisted tales from the shadows of the human soul:

A sister insists to her little brother that “Half the House Is Haunted” by a strange presence. But is it the house that’s haunted—or their childhoods?

In “Argyle,” a dying man confesses to homicides he never committed, and he reveals long-kept secrets far more sinister than murder.

A tourist takes the ultimate trip to outer space in “The Jupiter Drop,” but the real journey is into his own dark past.

In “Doug and Judy Buy the House Washer™,” a trendy married couple buys the latest home gadget only to find themselves trapped by their possessions, their history . . . and each other.

And in “Egorov,” a wealthy old cretin murders a young man, not knowing the victim was a triplet. The two surviving brothers stage a savage faux-haunting—playing the ghost of their slain brother—with the aim of driving the old murderer mad.

Signed & Numbered Limited Hardcover

  • Signed by author Josh Malerman
  • Limited to 500 signed & numbered hardcovers
  • Bound in black book cloth
  • Printed offset on premium acid-free paper
  • Smyth sewn binding
  • Color wraparound dust jacket

Deluxe Signed & Lettered Traycased Hardcover

  • Signed by author Josh Malerman, cover artist Vincent Chong and interior artist Glenn Chadbourne
  • Limited to 52 signed & lettered hardcovers
  • Bound in black leather with front cover and spine stampings
  • Printed offset on premium acid-free paper
  • Smyth sewn binding
  • Color wraparound dust jacket
  • Color illustrated end sheets
  • Blue satin book ribbon
  • Housed in a black clamshell traycase

About the Author 

Josh Malerman is a New York Times best selling author and one of two singer/songwriters for the rock band The High Strung, whose song "The Luck You Got" can be heard as the theme song to the Showtime show "Shameless". His book Bird Box was made into a Netflix film of the same name, starring Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich. He is a Bram Stoker Award winner and has written 36 books, many of those (14) prior to the publication of Bird Box, his debut. He lives in Michigan with his fiancee, the artist/musician Allison Laakko. 

Product info: PREORDER (Forthcoming 2024), published by Dark Regions Press