Terms of Service

Orders that contain preorder (sold in advance of shipping/fulfilling) items will be fulfilled when all preorder items are in stock with the exception of digital items since they do not require physical shipping. To have in-print items shipped to you first, please place a separate order for in-print items.

Preorders from other publishers have delivery dates beyond our control but the latest estimates will be provided as often as possible. Make sure to check our Production Updates blog, our free e-mail newsletter, social media and News blog for updates.

Dark Regions Press, LLC is a private business and we reserve the right to refuse service/business to anyone. By doing business with Dark Regions Press, LLC you hereby agree to the following terms and policies:

  • If you send Dark Regions Press 3 or more order refund or cancellation requests within a 90 day period you will be permanently banned from doing business with Dark Regions Press, LLC unless the cases are reviewed and cleared by our team
  • If you file 2 or more disputes/complaints against Dark Regions Press, LLC with 3rd parties or payment providers you will be permanently banned from doing business with Dark Regions Press, LLC
  • Limit your communications with Dark Regions Press, LLC customer service to a maximum of 3 e-mails/messages per week - beyond that we will be unable to properly serve you and will then review over the customer account and business relationship to consider cancelling any further business
  • Maximum of 3 orders per day per customer/household unless special arrangements are made with Dark Regions Press customer service
  • Maximum of 10 outstanding preorders for any customer/household
  • Returns are accepted upon review by our customer service team up to 14 days after confirmed delivery of an item/order unless the customer has sent us 3 or more return/refund/exchange requests in the last 90 days
  • If a customer/household has a history of damage complaints and/or return/refund/exchange requests and submits 3 or more return/refund/exchange requests within 90 days we will cease accepting or permitting any further returns/refunds/exchanges from that customer/household
  • Returns are accepted/refunds issued on paperbacks and trade hardcovers (retail price $40 or less) only if there is significant damage (not small corner dings or dents) - if the paperback/trade hardcover is in 90% of its intended condition or better (only has small nicks or dings) we will not accept returns
  • If your customer account has a history of damage complaints we will take an additional 3-5 business days to ship your orders than normal to inspect all units for damage and we may take an additional 3-5 business days to respond to your e-mails/messages
  • A maximum of 5 active gift cards per individual/household are allowed - beyond this we will either start automatically applying your new gift cards to your orders or refunding you rather than issuing more gift cards
  • Paperbacks and trade hardcover editions published by Dark Regions Press ship directly from the printer either to us or directly to the customer and customers should expect 7-10 business days before the items ship - by ordering any paperback or trade hardcover titles published by Dark Regions Press, even if they're listed as "In Stock" or "In Print" you understand that the books need to be printed first and thus could take 7-10 business days before your order ships. 

Refund Policy

Returns and refunds can be issued up to 14 days after the successful delivery of an order. If you have been in possession of the items from your order(s) for longer than 14 days refunds cannot be issued. More information on refunds can be found on our Refund Policy page.


These policies are meant to ensure that our team can properly serve every customer and use our time efficiently. Thank you for your understanding that you are formally agreeing to these terms and policies by doing any business with Dark Regions Press, LLC.