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This shared world psychological horror anthology features over 30 original full page interior illustrations by Aeron Alfrey with fiction by Jeff Strand, Scott Nicholson, Mercedes M. Yardley, John Skipp, Lisa Morton and many more. 

In the middle ages, it was thought that insanity was contagious. Centuries on, we label such ideas as superstitious ignorance. But when John Doe begins to speak after decades of silence, the staff and patients at the Golden Canyon Behavioral Health Center begin to realize that behind every superstition lies a horrid truth.

On the night that a vicious sandstorm closes the roads and seals the doors, a plague of madness spreads through the hospital. Two staff members try desperately to hold onto their sanity while searching for the cause – and, hopefully, the cure – of the outbreak.

But they’re not alone. In this shared world anthology edited by Brad C. Hodson and Bram Stoker Award® winner Benjamin Kane Ethridge, some of the genre’s most talented authors present their own sanity shattering tales. With fiction by John Skipp, Jeff Strand, Scott Nicholson, Lisa Morton, John Palisano, and many others, the horrible truth is revealed bit by awful bit. Step inside and find out what it’s truly like in the MADHOUSE.

Product Information: Available in Ebook (ISBN: 978-1-62641-122-7) & Trade Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62641-116-6, MSRP $27.95) and Deluxe Slipcased Hardcover on DarkRegions.com, Amazon.com, Various Bookstores/Libraries, Wholesale Pricing Available to Retailers in Ingram Catalog ipage, Page Count: 366, Size: 7x10. PCDELUXE is the same as a regular deluxe edition but is marked PC instead of a number on the limitation page and has no slipcase.