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We have 1 extra PC edition of Clive Barker's The Body Book Ultra-Deluxe Signed Traycased Hardcover with an original sketch by Clive Barker. This edition is truly a work of art and makes for a fantastic addition to the library of any Clive Barker collector. This is a PC edition but is otherwise identical to the sold out lettered edition.

Including two of Clive Barker's classic stories from his groundbreaking collections Books of Blood, "The Body Politic" and "In the Flesh", exclusive content from the cinematic adaptation of "The Body Politic" and detailed information on the "In the Flesh" film that never came to be, The Body Book joins award-winning filmmaker Mick Garris (Quicksilver Highway, Masters of Horror, The Stand) with longtime friend and collaborator Clive Barker in an effort to bring fans never-before-seen photos, writings, interviews and much more. The Body Book contains the complete In the Flesh screenplay written by Mick Garris that was never put to film, new interviews with Clive Barker and Mick, an original introduction by Phil and Sarah Stokes, storyboards, photos and other behind-the-scenes materials for the film adaptation of "The Body Politic" by Clive Barker never revealed to the public before this volume.

Ultra-Deluxe Traycased Hardcover Information

  • Signed by Clive Barker, Mick Garris, Phil & Sarah Stokes, Chris Morey and James R. Beach
  • Features a unique sketch by Clive Barker
  • Limited to 13 signed and lettered copies worldwide (this is a PC edition)
  • Printed offset on acid-free paper with Smyth sewn case binding
  • Hand-bound in blue Alligator embossed cowhide
  • Housed in a premium hand-built traycase

Product info: shipping now, published by Dark Regions Press