UPDATE: Return of the Old Ones Deluxe Slipcased Hardcover

January 18, 2019

Because this deluxe slipcased hardcover has a higher quantity of units it is currently with our printer/binder who handled The Red Brain deluxe books and is currently working on finishing up Dreams from the Witch House deluxe books before starting on Nightmare's Realm deluxe books. Return of the Old Ones deluxe books will begin being printed as soon as this printer/binder is done with Nightmare's Realm and we'll post an update when things officially get started. Thank you to everyone for your patience as multiple printers/binders that we worked with going out of business in the past 24 months have caused a great deal of reshuffling Dark Regions Press projects and backlogs being created with existing printers/binders. We will be in touch again as soon as we can with an update on this deluxe hardcover!