January 30th 2020 Production Updates

January 30, 2020

We have multiple updates on outstanding preorder products from Dark Regions Press and other publishers below. For updates from other publishers we can only supply the information that they supply publicly and to us directly. Thank you to all customers for your patience and as always we are committed to delivering every single product to our customers. If you don't see an update for something you're waiting on below and would like one please Contact Us.


Dark Regions Press Titles

I AM THE ABYSS Deluxe Hardcovers: the deluxe hardcover books for I AM THE ABYSS are scheduled to be completed in February! Slipcase production will start immediately thereafter and after the slipcases are complete this nearly 500 page deluxe hardcover printed offset in 4 colors with black dyed page edges will ship to customers. Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and we're working hard to make these hardcovers worth the wait!

Pirates of the Old World: an update was circulated via e-mail to all customers/campaign backers recently detailing that Pirates of the Old World needs more time in the incubator due to the unfortunate passing of one of the main authors (Wilum Pugmire) and another main author withdrawing. We're happy to announce that contracts are currently being signed for very talented authors to join Pirates of the Old World and we'll be sending customers/campaign backers details soon. Thank you to everyone for your patience on this project and we are committed to delivering an excellent book for our customers. Watch for the new Pirates update coming soon!

Offspring 30th Anniversary Edition: this project needed more time than anticipated to be prepared for the printer in pre production but we're happy to report that printing is starting very soon and the books are scheduled to ship to customers Q2 of this year! Thank you for your patience and we look forward to delivering this very special edition of Jack Ketchum's Offspring.

Prisoner of Violence by Joe R. Lansdale and Keith Lansdale: we have all of the completed artwork and now are working on the lettering of this first-ever graphic novel from Dark Regions Press. We anticipate printing to start within 90 days and will be posting another update as soon as printing starts.

Demiurge Signed Limited Hardcover: this special limited edition should be in our hands and shipping to customers within 90 days! Thank you to everyone for your patience and watch for an update showing photos of the hardcover book coming in the near future.

Return of the Old Ones Deluxe Hardcover: this deluxe edition is ready to go at the printers who are finishing up a few other Dark Regions Press projects. Printing will be starting very soon and we'll post an update as soon as it does!

Nightmare's Realm Deluxe Hardcover: currently being printed! The deluxe books should be done within 90 days and slipcase production will start immediately thereafter. We're asking the printer/binder to take photos of the books when complete and stay tuned for that update!

Black Labyrinth Anthology I : Possession: this title needed more time in preproduction but the ebook and paperback are expected to ship within 60 days of writing this! The signed limited hardcover edition is estimated to ship by Q2 2020. Thank you for your patience!

Writing as Life by William F. Nolan: we had to take a little more time with this title in preproduction than we expected but the ebook and trade paperback will be shipping within 10 business days! Limited edition hardcover printing starts within 60 days. Thank you to everyone for your patience and watch for ebooks/trade paperbacks of this title to go out within 10 business days.


Other Publisher Titles

Night Shift Deluxe Special Edition: based on the current information we have from the publisher we anticipate this special Stephen King deluxe edition to start shipping in the 2nd half of 2020 and sincerely appreciate the patience of our customers. Here's the latest update from the publisher's website on this volume copied and pasted:

"Night Shift by Stephen King:
We have some very good news! Our printer's new press that can handle Night Shift has been installed and they are quoting the project for us now. Once we have the quote, we'll get the book scheduled with them and we'll post the estimated schedule here. Thanks for all of your patience!"

The Stand Limited Edition Hardcover Set (PS): we have copied and pasted below our latest update on The Stand shipments and thank everyone for your understanding and patience on this matter:

From Dark Regions Press newsletter: "We are currently working on shipping out The Stand but have some very unfortunate news: 75% of the entire shipment to us was damaged due to inadequate packing from the printer who shipped it to us directly from the United Kingdom. The publisher is aware of this issue and it has affected other retailers as well and they're working with us to get replacement sets. We will be shipping out the 25% of sets that are okay in chronlological order to the customers who preordered the set first then the remainder may take another 60 days to ship due to the process of shipping the damaged sets overseas back to the UK then getting replacement sets shipped back to us here from the UK. We apologize to our customers for this unfortunate circumstance but we did not have any control over the way these sets were packed and shipped to us and the publisher has been very understanding and is working with us to get replacements. If you have any questions or concerns do not hestiate to contact us at darkregions.com/contact and thank you for your patience!"

Revival by Stephen King Deluxe Special Edition (LetterPress Publications): 99% of all applicable preorders for this title have been shipped. If you reserved a bundle with a shipping address outside of the United States your order will ship when all bundle items are in stock. Please Contact Us if you have not received your shipment of Revival.