Major Announcement: Dark Regions Press to Publish Two Jack Ketchum Special Edition Hardcover Books!

September 03, 2018

Dark Regions Press is very excited to announce that a contract has been signed and we will be publishing two more Jack Ketchum special edition hardcover books: Offspring 30th Anniversary Edition and The Woman 10th Anniversary Edition. Both new Ketchum volumes will be published in the same size and formats as Off Season 35th Anniversary Edition, the first Jack Ketchum and Dark Regions Press collaboration that was met with acclaim from customers, fans and reviewers alike. These new special editions will include extra bonus materials, dust jacket and interior artwork and will be signed by all contributors and artists involved. Author Jack Ketchum's facsimile signature will be stamped on the front cover of the books/traycases in memoriam.

Offspring 30th Anniversary Edition will be published in a 500 signed & numbered hardcover edition as well as a deluxe 26 lettered traycased hardcover edition and will be shipping in 2019.

The Woman 10th Anniversary Edition will also be published in a 500 signed & numbered hardcover edition and a deluxe lettered traycased hardcover edition which will be shipping in 2020.


Dark Regions Press is offering an extremely limited number of deluxe signed & lettered traycased hardcover and signed & numbered hardcover advance subscriptions for both new Jack Ketchum special editions! Subscriptions are only available by contacting us directly at



We are very excited to publish two more high quality Jack Ketchum special hardcover editions for his countless fans around the world to enjoy. Please contact us soon if you’re interested in one or more of the advance subscriptions, and watch for more exciting developments like the Offspring dust jacket art reveal in the near future!

Note from the Publisher

I first met Dallas aka Jack Ketchum at the 2011 World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas. After just reading his visceral novel Joyride, I was eager to speak to him, shake his hand and share my love for the novel. He was incredibly kind and gracious, letting me gush about my favorite scene from the book for a few minutes. After that, I knew that I wanted to contact Dallas about a project. My first attempt was inviting him to the Black Labyrinth imprint, our line of psychological horror novellas from the masters of horror and dark fiction illustrated by Santiago Caruso. He was open to the idea, but his agent eventually told us a new novella wasn’t possible at that time. While we were disappointed, we persisted.

Eventually I came to the idea of publishing one of Dallas’ existing works in a special hardcover format. Off Season was the obvious choice, and Dallas was very receptive. Long story short, we signed an agreement with his agency and published Off Season 35th Anniversary Edition, which Dark Regions Press customers seem to be universally happy with. Indeed, Dallas himself loved how Off Season 35th Anniversary Edition turned out, and that’s what mattered most to us.

After the successful Dark Regions Press publication of Off Season, I asked Dallas if he would be open to us publishing the other two books in his Dead River series: Offspring and The Woman. He loved the idea and passed it to his agent Alice who worked out the agreement with Dark Regions Press so we could move forward.

Dallas passed away in January of this year, but he is immortalized in his many published books and stories that have affected readers around the world. While Dallas can’t be here physically to experience these new editions of his works, we will be doing all we can to honor him by producing excellent special edition books that his fans will treasure. It is a privilege for Dark Regions Press to publish these very special editions of Jack Ketchum’s Dead River series, and thank you to everyone who supports the projects by preordering when available.

We are currently working with artist David Stoupakis who provided the stunning wraparound dust jacket art for Off Season 35th Anniversary Edition on the new dust jacket artwork for Offspring 30th Anniversary Edition and are gathering materials for both books. Offspring will be published in 2019, The Woman in 2020.

Thank you to Dallas Mayr aka Jack Ketchum for your kindness, professionalism and enthusiasm while working with us on Off Season 35th Anniversary Edition and other projects. You are sorely missed. Thank you to Dallas’ agent Alice Martell and everyone at The Martell Agency for working with Dallas and Dark Regions Press to make these projects happen. We can’t wait to publish these books and share something special with his many fans.

More updates will be provided on these two very special books in the future. Thanks guys, and keep reading Jack Ketchum.

- Chris

Jack Ketchum is the author of thirty-one books, thirteen of them novels, five of which have been filmed to date -- THE LOST, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, RED, OFFSPRING and THE WOMAN, the last of which won him and Lucky McKee the Best Screenplay award at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain. He is the five-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award, most recently for Lifetime Achievement. In 2011 he was elected Grand Master by the World Horror Convention.