Dark Regions Press to Cease Public Retail Preorders of New Titles Starting January 1st 2021

October 26, 2020

As a small press we often utilize preorders/presales to raise funds for our projects and send them into production. This is a common business practice in the small press and in many industries. Unfortunately, it can also mean that customers end up waiting a long time for the product that they preordered because unforeseen delays can happen.

Our top priority is making our customers happy and some of the delays with Dark Regions Press titles in recent years have not achieved that priority. 2020 has also been a very challenging year for our production partners which resulted in closures - some permanent, some temporary. All of this and other events factored into our decision to eliminate public retail preorders for new Dark Regions Press published projects entirely starting January 1st 2021. Limited private Collectors Club preorders and retail preorders from other publishers will still be offered.

To our customers: we thank all of you for your enduring patience on some of our projects and are working hard to make them worth the wait. We look forward to bringing you new projects in 2021 and offering them for sale when they are already in our hands. Dark Regions Press will move forward on its mission of continual improvement for our customers and we believe eliminating public retail preorders for our published titles is an important step.

Thank you to everyone who joins us for this holiday season and an exciting year of 2021. Watch for more projects from Dark Regions Press soon!

Chris Morey
Dark Regions Press