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The Midnight Tour
by Richard Laymon

About the Book:
It is the summer of 1997. Many years have gone by since Janice Crogan's summer of horror. The town of Malcasa Point has changed a lot  and so has the Beast House tour. Due to several popular books and movies about the infamous house of death, the tour is bigger and better than ever.

The self-guided daytime tour, safe for the whole family, gives the sanitized version of the attacks and murders. If you want the real story, however, you can get it.

Just take the Midnight Tour.

Every Saturday night, for a hundred dollars, you and twelve other guests can participate in the special picnic, private screening of The Horror, and the tour itself.

The tour starts at midnight. Your guide is the spunky young "Tuck," who knows everything about Beast House. As she leads you through the gloomy old house, she'll be happy to tell you all the most grisly, shocking, lurid details about the beast, its weird anatomy, and the horrible rapes and killings that have been committed in the various rooms and corridors, in the attic, in the cellar...

Don't worry, the tour's a little scary and disgusting, but it's perfectly safe.



Published by Cemetery Dance in 1998. Limited Edition of 1,000 signed and numbered copies. Long out of print/sold out from the publisher and tough to find. 

Dust Jacket has a couple of cut marks including one taped on on front, and has a couple of heavy creases on it. Book is in good shape itself with the spine straight, etc.