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"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

In these recently discovered accounts, sealed and hidden from prying eyes for almost eighty years, Dr. John H. Watson puts pen to paper once more, as he accompanies his friend, that most rational of detectives, Mr. Sherlock Holmes in the utterly irrational realm of the otherworldly, the uncanny, and the supernatural.

Enter the gaslit world of Holmes and Watson - a world caught halfway between the bright glare of science and logic and the darker clutches of superstition and fear - a world of unknown creatures, secret seances, ancient curses, and forbidden knowledge - where the enquiring mind of the world's first consulting detective must search for the answer to some new and challenging questions...

What was it about the loathsome contents of a match-box that sent an apparently fearless man stark staring mad?

How can Sherlock Holmes be called upon to investigate a murder where the victim is his client, and where the murder has already taken place?

What is it that lies in the darkness of an ancient burial mound, and can it really bring about death to any who would disturb its resting place?

Can mere words in a stolen manuscript really open men's minds to maddeningly terrifying visions of a world beyond our own?

In order to find the solutions to these problems, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson may yet discover that sometimes it is not so easy to eliminate the impossible!
Product Information: ISBN-13: [978-1626410688], MSRP $19.95, Page Count: [274], Trim Size: [6 x 0.7 x 9 inches], Distribution: Ingram Book Group (ipage). Previously offered in 100 signed and numbered hardcover and deluxe 13 slipcased hardcover (sold out)

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