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Limit 3 Halloween Grab Bags Per Customer/Household. No Coupon Codes/Store Credit Can Be Used On This Product.

NEWS 10/28/2019A 2nd wave of the 2019 Halloween Grab Bag is now available starting 10/28/2019 but due to limited inventory this 2nd wave will ship to customers within 90 days of writing this. Thank you and we hope you have a great Halloween!

The 2019 Halloween Grab Bag from Dark Regions Press is now available and will start shipping by October 15th! This year's Halloween Grab Bag offers a huge value for just $77 with a guaranteed retail value of $250 or more! Books and collectibles of horror, fantasy and science fiction from Dark Regions Press and other publishers. These grab bags will include special bonus items not offered elsewhere, like ARCs, metal plates used for stamping books, extra signature sheets and more. Some lucky customers will find highly valuable collectibles in their grab bags like Stephen King limited editions or sold-out Clive Barker collectibles!

2019 Dark Regions Press Halloween Grab Bag Contents

  • 3 Limited Edition Hardcovers
  • 3 Trade Paperbacks
  • 5 Ebooks
  • 1 Special Bookmark
  • 1 Surprise Item
  • 3 Tickets for Halloween Raffle (Over $1,000 in Prizes!)

Product Info: shipping starts October 15th 2019. Products are selected at random and are published by Dark Regions Press and/or other publishers. Requests are not available for the items inside of the grab bags. Items may ship from multiple fulfillment providers. 2nd wave of grab bags offered on this page starting on 10/28/2019 will ship to customers within 90 days.