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Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate by William Meikle

CARNACKI operates in shadowy occult realms, on the fringes, in places out of sight and out of mind of normal ever yday people. But sometimes the darkness touches the lives of these ordinary folks, and they find they need help – the kind of help that only Carnacki can provide.

In MR. CHURCHILL’S DILEMMA and THE WATCHER AT THE GATE : Carnacki is called on to help a young Winston Churchill in defeating a menace from the east that threatens hostilities in the years before WW1, and in overseeing an experiment that threatens to expose the whole of South East England to an entity from the Outer Darkness.

In CAPTAIN GAULT’S NEMESIS, THE BLUE EGG and THE GRAY BOATS, Carnacki aids another Hodgson character, the aforesaid Captain, in ridding his vessel of an ancient cursed box, in the procurement of a great Arabian gem, and in the salvage of a nautical government experiment gone disastrously wrong.

Product Information: Shipping now in trade paperback (previously offered in 100 signed and numbered hardcover and deluxe 13 slipcased hardcover, sold out).


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