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A Lovecraft-inspired cookbook with recipes to whet your appetite and threaten your sanity.

Reading about the slime- covered, non- Euclidean ruins of the sunken city of R’lyeh or the squamous, tentacled deity who slumbers there would make anyone hungry. Starting with the puns and working from there, authors Mike Slater and Thomas Roache have summoned forth 50 funny, bizarre, and horrible dishes such as:

• The Deep Fried Deep One
• Nog Sothoth
• Cthus-Koos
• The Great Old Buns
• The Gin and Miskatonic

Like H. P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, the legendary and forbidden book of the dead that is “alien to all sane and balanced readers,” this cookbook contains many dark (but still delicious) secrets within its pages. The book comes infested with sanity- melting and mouth- watering illustrations, as well as annotations full of crazed discoveries and desperate warnings about the recipes that brave readers will undertake.

100 illustrations

In a dutch oven or other capacious cooking vessel, cook the swine meat of divine glory over medium heat. One quarter hours should see them crisp, remove then to parchment to drain. Squander not the juices of the meat, for now shalt thou baptise the onion, celery, and garlic, saut´ing one twelfth hour or until tender. As for the fate of the potatoes: add them now, along with the water, clam juice, boullion, pepper, and thyme. Boil it!

Boil it all! Once at a boil, reduce heat.

Patience now . . . simmer unveiled for 15 to 20 minutes or until the many cubed are tender.

In a small skull— or bowl—combine the flour and 1 1/ 2 cups of the heavy cream until smooth. Stir this slowly into the rest. Bring all to a boil; mutter the incantation, as instructed below, and stir until thickened.

Add slowly the clams as well as the remaining heavy cream, and put it again to the flame until warmed through, yet not boiling. Crumble in the reserved bacon, Prince of Meats, leaving some for a garnish on top.


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