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With its striking combination of wood and resin, this intriguing piece depicts the looming figure of Cthulhu, a powerful being from the depths of the sea. A shark can be seen wandering in front of the huge statue of Cthulhu on the mysterious seabed. This unique and mysterious night light will captivate your imagination and inspire you to delve deeper into the unknown.

Resin Wood (With natural wood fragrance)

Material: Epoxy Resin + Wood

Wattage: 1-2W LED White light (Replaceable, Lights are for decorative purposes only and do not illuminate the entire room.)

Wired/Wireless: USB wired

Size: Width: 3.6 inches, Height: 7.8 inches, Depth: 2.7 inches

Shades and colors displayed by your screen may differ from the originals.

Each piece of art is handmade and any subsequent copy may not be 100% similar to the photo shown or the original. The size will also vary and some wood may have cracks, you can use wood wax oil for maintenance.

Be careful to avoid extreme temperatures, as well as hard and sharp objects to prevent scratches. Wash with warm water. Allow for a residual smell of natural wood. The resin is odorless and NOT toxic!

Product info: PREORDER (ETA: October/November 2023), displays created by Resin Art YPC