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Limit 1 per customer/household - signed & numbered limited edition hardcover

Gauntlet presents the first hardcover edition of Jack Ketchum’s third novel COVER. The book, about the disintegration of a Vietnam War veteran, first published by Ballantine as a paperback in 1987 has long been out of print and copies are near impossible to obtain. As with all Gauntlet titles, this is a definitive edition of the novel, not simply a signed limited edition.

Aside from the book itself, Neal McPheeters has provided wonderful cover art and interiors. Jack Ketchum wrote a long introduction discussing his research for the book, and Thomas Tessier has written a wonderfully insightful afterword. Ketchum, Tessier and McPheeters all sign the book.

But, there’s more. There’s a never-before published self-portrait of the author, drawn in 1970. And, there’s additional written material Jack Ketchum wrote in the late-sixties and early-seventies when the war in Vietnam was at its peak. This material, he called EPHEMERA, provides a remarkable insight into the author and has never been published before. Lastly, Ketchum gave us the mock-up drawings from Ballantine for the book they wanted to call Stalking Ground. The author’s introduction discusses this in detail.

Product info: in stock, published by Gauntlet Press