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Preorder products are items that we are offering for sale but are not yet shipping/fulfilling. To find out when the product will ship to you please check the estimated shipping date on the product page and our Production Updates blog. They can be found in our Preorder category. Items with (SHIPPING/PREORDER) in the title have some editions that are currently shipping (usually ebooks/paperbacks). Check individual product pages for specific shipping information.

If you place an order containing physical items in preorder, your order will ship when all items are in-stock (excluding digital). For example, if you place an order for three physical products with two of them in preorder, your order will ship when both preorder products are in stock. We encourage customers to order In-Print (in-stock) items separately to receive them beforehand if desired. Digital items do not apply to these rules since no shipping is required.

Four ways to keep on top of the status of your preorder:

  1. Find the latest update in our Production Updates blog
  2. Join our free e-mail newsletter
  3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Visit the product page for updated shipping ETA's
  5. If you can't find an update via any of the methods above, Contact Us

Dark Regions Press has a new protocol of only offering our own products for preorder once the printer/binder has all files, including signed signature sheets, that they need to start production. This is part of our ongoing effort to significantly increase product turnaround time for our customers.

Other Publishers Preorders

Our new policy is to only offer unpaid reservations of products from other publishers in advance. These pages will have instructions on how to enter your reservation when available.

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