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In the deepest, darkest depths of space, the stars are cold, malevolent eyes looking across a vast graveyard of the unknown, the unnameable, and the undead. Here the planets are tombs and the moons haunted catacombs. And here are extraterrestrial nightmares beyond imagining. There is no benevolent first contact. No utopian worlds. Only alien horrors.

100 signed and numbered trade paperback is in stock and shipping!
Signed by Tim Curran, and the artist, K. L. Turner!
Thirteen terrifying alien encounters!

Some of the stories included in Alien Horrors:

Flypaper – An expeditionary team is trapped inside an alien machine that offers them anything they want at a terrible price.
City of Frozen Shadows – The last living man on Earth hides in a gutted city, hunted by alien exterminators.
The Black Ocean – Astronauts adrift in a misty alien ocean are attacked by a gigantic predator.
Charnel World – Mercenaries track the most lethal life form in the galaxy in the green hell of the planet Xenos.
Migration – A mining camp is directly in the path of a migrating alien hive.
Stowaway  The crew of a starship is stalked by a shapeshifting alien bloodsucker.

Product info: shipping now, published by Weird House Press