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What sinister beings live behind the mirror’s reflection? Can the apocalypse bleed from the pages of a notebook and into the real world? What terrible cost must be paid when one steals from the realm of dreams? These are just some of the questions presented in this beautifully illustrated collection of the macabre.

The Coffin Maker, your host and guide, presents twelve ghastly tales from two of the most gifted voices in modern horror. Curtis M. Lawson (DEVIL’S NIGHT, BLACK HEART BOYS CHOIR) and Joshua Rex (THE DESCENT, THE INAMORTA) weave the beautiful and the grotesque into rich tapestries, both chilling and fantastic. Sometimes hopeful. Often bleak. Always overbrimming with darkness.

Equally inspired by the gorgeously illustrated editions that made you fall in love with horror as a child, and the golden age anthologies of Rod Serling and EC Comics, each dread tale features an introduction beautifully rendered by celebrated artist Luke Spooner. THE COFFIN MAKER’S BOOK OF DARK TALES is a must-read for fans of classic and contemporary horror alike.


  • The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales by Curtis M. Lawson & Joshua Rex
  • Full color cover, and thirteen full color interior illustrations by Luke Spooner
  • An all new and original horror collection with introductions from The Coffin Maker
  • 150 signed and numbered hardcover signed by both the author and artist!


“Gorgeous and gutting, visceral and inventive, Joshua Rex and Curtis M. Lawson have done something truly singular with The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales. Rex’s inimitable literary style and talent for imbuing his stories with dread that builds like a crescendo is perfectly paired with Lawson’s ingenious, haunting storylines and layered (often tortured) characters. A dark delight unlike anything on your bookshelves.”
- Christa Carmen, author of Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

“As reader/book reviewer I have spent the last 4 years mining the depths of independent and small press horror. I have found many, many gems, but none as flawless as Curtis M. Lawson and Joshua Rex.”
Well Read Beard

“Lawson is a representative of the contemporary evolution of cosmic horror. Post-Lovecraft, post-Ligotti, but cut from the same strange cloth.”
Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase

“Lawson is not merely a rising star in contemporary weird fiction… he has fully arrived and is a force to be reckoned with.”
S.T. Joshi

“Curtis M. Lawson is a formidable new talent in the horror/weird fiction scene, soon to garner more well-deserved attention for his riveting and wildly imaginative work.”
Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

“… (Lawson’s) characters are beautiful, intense disasters.”
Horror Novel Reviews

“Joshua Rex continues to demonstrate why he is one of the most dynamic young writers in the weird fiction field.”
S.T. Joshi

“Rex’ writing is poetic and stylish…”
John McIlveen, Stoker nominated author of Hannawhere

“Here’s the thing about the works of Joshua Rex. Though the words on the page look like prose, they read like poetry, like music, like raw emotion. Though Rex calls himself a writer, he’s also an artist, a historian, the tall, gaunt Ghost of Lives Forgotten.”
Heather Miller, author of Knock Knock

“I am left both astounded, and yet envious, of Joshua Rex’s talents.”
Tylor James, author of Beneath the Jack O’ Lantern Sky


Product info: shipping now, published by Weird House Press