Tony Richards

My most recent novels from established publishers are TROPIC OF DARKNESS, a supernatural thriller set in Havana, Cuba (Schusters), UNDER THE ICE, a character-driven zombie novel, and HOT BLOOD, a world-spanning epic featuring vampires and other immortal creatures (both from Samhain), and most recently my first ever full-blown crime thriller, THE DESERT KEEPS ITS DEAD, set in Arizona and centered on a private detective with an unusual, and tragic, past(Telos Publishing). I'm also the author of more than 100 published short stories, enough to fill 7 collections -- the latest being THE UNIVERSAL AND OTHER TERRORS (Dark Renaissance Press) -- and my work has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Asimov's SF, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Weird Tales and numerous top anthologies including Year's Best Horror. I first started self-publishing on Kindle to revive stories and short novels that originally saw print years ago, hoping to find them a new audience as eBooks, and most of my self-pubbed work falls into that category. But I've written some new fiction for the e-reader too ... in particular, I've continued the Raine's Landing series of full-length supernatural adventures that first saw print with Eos/HarperCollins. The list of my publications on Amazon just keeps on growing, and I've plans to add more new fiction in 2015, futuristic mysteries and superhero stories. Meanwhile, please feel free to take a look at all my titles. If you like thrillers or tales with a strong fantasy edge, you'll probably find something that will suit you.