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Limit 1 per customer/household - discount codes not accepted for this product

We are now offering a very limited 2022 subscription that includes multiple new titles from Dark Regions Press and other publishers! You will get copies of all new titles published by us and other publishers that we offer for preorder or in stock in 2022 with sufficient inventory!

2022 Subscription Contents:

  • 1 limited edition hardcover, trade paperback/hardcover and ebook of every applicable Dark Regions Press title published/offered for preorder in 2022 (up to $125 retail value each)
  • 1 limited edition hardcover of every applicable title from other publishers made available for order/preorder by Dark Regions Press in 2022 with sufficient inventory (up to $125 retail value each, includes Suntup titles!)
  • 10 bonus limited edition hardcovers
  • 5 surprise collectibles
  • 5 Dark Regions Press bookmarks
  • * BONUS - 2 Surprise Sold Out Suntup Artist Edition Hardcovers! Could include Red Dragon, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jaws, The Exorcist and More!
  • Expected retail value of $2,500+


Product Info: books/products included in subscription published by Dark Regions Press or other publishers, orders will be created in your customer account as new products are offered for sale if there is sufficient inventory (most products we are able to get sufficient inventory), subscriptions proved to be a great value for our customers in previous years