W. H. Pugmire

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, Esq., is the author of many books of weird fiction in the Poe/Lovecraft tradition. He is seen in the current author's photo with S. T. Joshi at the Lovecraft plaque at Brown University--both Pugmire and Joshi contributed to the fund that helped to pay for the placement of this memorial to the genius of H. P. Lovecraft. Joshi has served as editor for many of Pugmire's collections of weird fiction, including the hardcover omnibus from Centipede Press, THE TANGLED MUSE, and the 2015 collection from Hippocampus Press, MONSTROUS AFTERMATH. Wilum's work has been publish'd in a number of anthologies, such as INNSMOUTH NIGHTMARES, THAT IS NOT DEAD, CTHULHU FHTAGN!,and the superb series from S. T. Joshi, BLACK WINGS, publish'd by PS Publishing in England. He is almoft finish'd writing one last story, "Pickman's Lazruas", for his forthcoming second collection from Centipede Press, AN ECSTASY OF FEAR AND OTHERS. Future projects include a second collection of Enoch Coffin stories, written in collaboration with Jeffrey Thomas, and a book of tales and poems inspir'd by ye weird fiction of Clark Ashton Smith, to be written in collaboration with Henry J. Vester Wilum is the Queen of Eldritch Horror.