February 21, 2019

We are happy to report that the Kickstarter-exclusive trade paperback edition of I AM THE ABYSS is on schedule to ship to campaign backers in March! The retail trade paperback edition will begin shipping within 60 days of the campaign-exclusive edition, and the deluxe signed & numbered slipcased hardcover within 60 days of the retail paperback. The oversized hand-bound specialty I AM GATEWAY traycased edition should be shipping within 90 days of the deluxe hardcovers because this edition will be hand-built by our specialty binder in New York who created the lettered editions of Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train and Clive Barker's The Body Book both published by Dark Regions Press. We greatly appreciate everyone's patience on this epic project and can't wait to hear feedback when folks finally hold the book in their hands! Watch for another update in March when the Kickstarter-exclusive paperback starts to ship.