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Limit 1 per customer/household - bundle of 6 limited edition hardcovers all signed by the late Richard Matheson!

This special bundle is designed for Richard Matheson fans and collectors! Get six rare limited edition hardcovers signed by the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Legend! 

Included in the Richard Matheson Bundle:

  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Signed Limited Hardcover
  • Unrealized Dreams Signed Limited Hardcover
  • The Richard Matheson Companion Signed Limited Hardcover
  • Matheson Uncollected Volume One Signed Limited Hardcover
  • Matheson Uncollected Volume Two Signed Limited Hardcover
  • The Link Signed Limited Hardcover

Richard Matheson Signed Limited Hardcover Bundle Contents 

1. Richard Matheson's Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

This is the definitive edition of Richard Matheson’s acclaimed short story that was filmed twice for The Twilight Zone. Limited edition hardcover signed by Richard Matheson which includes:

  • Matheson’s short story
  • Matheson’s script for Nightmare at 20000 feet for The Original Twilight Zone
  • The Matheson/George Miller script for The Twilight Zone Movie
  • Storyboards from The Twilight Zone Movie
  • The book is edited by Tony Albarella (editor of the Rod Serling script series). Richard Matheson was interviewed by Albarella for the book. We have contributions from William Shatner, Carol Serling and Rockne O’Bannon, Richard Donner, and Richard Christian Matheson.

2. Richard Matheson's Unrealized Dreams Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

UNREALIZED DREAMS is three screenplays by Richard Matheson which he is quite fond of but were not produced for a variety of reasons.

The first script is the sequel to “The Incredible Shrinking Man.”

The second script (a first draft with handwritten changes on each page), “Appointment in Zahrain”, was expressly written for Clark Gable. The actor became ill on the set of the film he was working on prior to Zahrain and soon passed away.

The third script has all of the actors from Matheson’s acclaimed “Comedy of Terrors” returning to play other parts in another horror/comedy. As Matheson mentions in his introduction to UNREALIZED DREAMS, after he completed the script, the actors began passing away one by one, with Vincent Price being the last.

3. The Richard Matheson Companion Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

The Richard Matheson Companion is a unique collection of writing by and about this prolific, multitalented storyteller, edited by Matheson experts Stanley Wiater and Matthew R. Bradley. They have assembled the work of more than two dozen contributors, much of it published for the first time, that both celebrates and sheds new light on Matheson’s extraordinary career.

4. Matheson Uncollected Volume One Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Included in Volume One:

  • Matheson’s only Star Trek script “The Enemy Within.”
  • An introduction to “The Enemy Within” by George Clayton Johnson (who signed only the Lettered edition)
  • Matheson’s unfinished novel Colony Seven, including his outline for the completed novel
  • A selection of uncollected short stories:
  • He Wanted To Life
  • Life Size
  • Man With A Club
  • Professor Fritz and the Runaway Train
  • Purge Among Peanuts
  • The Prisoner
  • The Last Blah in the Etc.
  • Counterfeit Bills
  • 1984 1/2
  • Pride

5. Matheson Uncollected Volume Two Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Included in Volume Two:

  • Editor’s Preface
  • Dream Press Introduction: 1989
  • Gauntlet Press Introduction: 2003
  • Slaughter House
  • Trespass
  • The Wedding
  • Wet Straw
  • Being
  • The Conqueror
  • From Jack Finney
  • The Curious Child
  • Dear Diary
  • Descent
  • The Doll That Does Everything
  • The Man Who Made the World
  • The Test
  • The Traveler
  • When Day is Dun
  • Dance of the Dead
  • The Funeral
  • Miss Stardust
  • One for the Books
  • Pattern for Survival
  • From George Clayton Johnson
  • A Flourish of Strumpets
  • The Splendid Source
  • Steel
  • A Visit to Santa Claus
  • The Children of Noah
  • The Holiday Man
  • Lemmings
  • Old Haunts
  • The Distributor
  • The Edge

6. The Link by Richard Matheson Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

The Link began as a 557-page outline Richard Matheson wrote for a proposed 20-hour ABC-TV mini-series in the 1970’s. Television executives asked him to shorten the series into 7 hours. Later, after Matheson had written three hours of the miniseries the two parted company. Matheson’s vision could not be condensed without destroying the essence of the plot and characters. This is that original outline, in narrative form, appearing here in publication for the first time.


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