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Reality and nightmare. Past and present. Sanity and madness. For Nathan Bennett, there is no longer any difference between them - not since the Harmony Society came into his life. Now, as his world begins to collapse around him, Nathan must travel the strange and dangerous roads of the Nightway in search of the Dark Angel - a being of great power that the Harmony Society desperately wishes to control. But even if Nathan reaches the Angel first, what waits for him at the end of his long, dark road: salvation . . . damnation . . . Or both?
"This novel is compelling, frightening, packed with haunting dreamlike imagery, and rich with imagination." - Author Gary A. Braunbeck

Product Information Available in Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781626411302, 280 pages, MSRP $24.95) available on DarkRegions.com, Amazon, various bookstores and libraries and Ingram Book Group Distribution Catalog (ipage). Previously available in deluxe 13 slipcased hardcover (sold out).