UPDATE: Night Shift Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King (CD)

July 19, 2018

Another title that we have multiple copies on reserve for Dark Regions Press customers, this unfortunately looks like it met the same fate as Sleeping Beauties. Both were to be printed/bound with a company that closed their doors. Thus, we anticipate this to be shipping to DRP customers by Q4 2018 or later, and will regularly keep touch with the publisher to verify the status. For now, here's both the latest update directly from the publisher on Night Shift and Sleeping Beauties:


Everything is now ready for the printer and we'll get this one rolling once they complete Sleeping Beauties. Please see the Sleeping Beauties update below for more information on that project.


We've had some concerns about one of our printers for about six months now -- they've been slower than normal and there have been some printing/production mistakes that are uncharacteristic of them. Well, last week we found out the root cause of these issues because they emailed us that they will be closing their doors for good on June 15. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SLEEPING BEAUTIES: First, the signature sheets have been returned, safe and sound, so that's good. Unfortunately, the special order materials sitting at the printer now belong to the bank. We'll be re-sending this project to our alternate printer, but first they need to finish a few projects they already have rolling. In addition, they will have to re-order the special order materials from the vendors. In addition, because sizing can vary slightly from printer to printer, we've had to put the slipcases and traycases on hold until a new dummy book is completed by the new printer. With a little luck, the work already started by our case makers won't go to waste, but we'll have to see. That new dummy book will be ready in about four weeks. We're very sorry for this delay, and we will send another update in early July to let you know where things stand.