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Signed and Numbered Slipcased Hardcover of Stephen King's Thinner from PS Publishing #814 of 974 slipcased copies!

After an old gypsy woman is killed by his car, attorney Billy Halleck is stricken with a flesh-wasting malady and must undertake a nightmarish journey to confront the forces.  Last of the Bachman books before the world knew this fictition was actually Stephen King and more in his style than the rawness of earlier Bachman novels.  A mesmerizing, metaphysical "revenge" tale that moves, and Halleck's race against time does keep the pages turning.   In true SK fashion, no one is safe and everyone has their comeuppance in the end.   

Limited to 974 slipcased copies, signed by Les Edwards & Johnny Mains, and a facsimile signature of Stephen King