The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker Signed Limited Edition

In the little town of Palomo Grove, two great armies are amassing; forces shaped from the hearts and souls of America. In this New York Times bestseller, Clive Barker unveils one of the most ambitious imaginative landscapes in modern fiction, creating a new vocabulary for the age-old battle between good and evil. Carrying its readers from the first stirring of consciousness to a vision of the end of the world, THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW is a breathtaking journey in the company of a master storyteller.

THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW will contain a significant amount of bonus material:
  • All editions will feature Clive Barker cover art expressly drawn for the book
  • Brand new Barker black and white interior illustrationsThanks, too, for the generosity of Phil and Sarah Stokes for:
  • Handwritten pages from Barker’s first draft of the novel
  • Notes (along with Bradbury-like doodles) from Barker
  • Pages with Barker’s handwritten corrections from the first typed draft of the book

Additionally those purchasing the lettered edition get all of the above plus intros and afterwords (they’ve only signed the lettered edition) by Owen King, Craig Davidson and Victor LaValle.


Product Information: published by Gauntlet Press. Shipping now.

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