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Written and Edited by Dave Hinchberger.

Cover and Interior art by Glenn Chadboure.

The Stephen King Annual, with Calendar!
(previously the Stephen King Calendar) presents this years theme with the 40th Anniversary of CREEPSHOW!

Featured Guests and Articles:

Paul Gagne's rare CREEPSHOW film coverage from 1982. He was there and we are reprinting his in-depth informative piece from the 1982 Cinefantastique Magazine cover story. Visits and interviews with Stephen King, George Romero, Tom Savini and producer Richard Rubenstein and many others that worked on the film.

LOST CREEPSHOW - FIRST PUBLICATION! Artist Kelley Jones began creating "The Raft" by Stephen King for a Creepshow 2 comic book for Marvel Comics in 1986. Midway through production it was cancelled. Mr. Jones has graciously allowed us to publish the finished artwork for this story! What an exciting inclusion for this years Stephen King Annual! He also explains the story and why it's been lost for almost forty years!

CREEPSHOW Beginnings - Tyson Blue delves into producer, director, writer, and makeup effects wizard, Greg Nicotero's time working on Creepshow 2 and creating the Shudder Creepshow Series (now in 3 seasons as of this writing).

Theresa Carle-Sanders THE BODY Blueberry Pie Recepie – Chef Theresa, who published the Castle Rock Kitchen Cookbook with Stephen King (10/22) shares one of her recepies from her book. All the recepies are made from Castlerock stories where food is mentioned. A portion of King fiction accompanies each recepie.

Adriene Barbeau Interview – Author Andrew Rausch speaks to the iconic actress from the original CREEPSHOW and her appearance in Stephen Kings GRAY MATTER episode from the CREEPSHOW series, Episode one.

Stephen Langford Interview– Author Andrew Rausch interviewed Mr. Langford who’s written three episodes for the new Creepshow series, which includes Skincrawlers, giving us a behind-the-scenes look of how he became involved and his work with producer Greg Nicotero.

A Case of the Creeps– Author Kevin Quigley dives into the humble beginnings of Joe Hill that began with appearing in Creepshow as Billy in the wraparound story and who eventually became an award-winning, best selling author of his own.

Creepshow Seasons Overview + the Specials! – Dave Hinchberger tackles all three seasons of the Creepshow series, giving you the highs, and the lowdown for all three seasons of the new show. Including covering the Animated and Holiday specials.

Drawn Blood: Forty Years with the Five Frightening Fables of Creepshow – by author Kevin Quigley, he gives us a history of Stephen King and George Romeros collaboration from fiction, to film to King’s first real acting experience. A good overview of Creepshow, all the stories, and a history that is reflected in many facets through the years. Forty years to be exact.

Bev Vincent’s Annual Stephen King Review of 2022 King goings on, releases, and what to expect in 2023!

James Cole reviews the 2022 FIRESTARTER film remake.

RARE CREEPSHOW PHOTOS! Previously unpublished version of the Stephen King, George Romero, and Tom Savini photo featured on the 1982 Cinefantastique magazine cover! This is an alternate version and first-time publication here! Also many behind-the-scene photos, all by Paul R. Gagne.

Stephen Spignesi reviews the Stephen King, Richard Chizmar GWENDY trilogy! Now that the third and final book in the series, Gwendy’s Final Task, was released in 2022, Mr. Spignesi gives us all a glimpse of the trilogy as a whole.

Anthony Northrup’s article on the world of Creepshow and the fandom surrounding it.

Cover and interior art by Award-winning Maine artist, Glenn Chadbourne.

With trivia, quizzes, quotes, facts, and informative articles covering the graphic novel, films, and TV shows, featuring Stephen King, artists, director, actors, writers with quotes on the whole series since its initial release in 1982. You’ll enjoy the information and illustrations within for years to come.

Product info: PREORDER (ETA: September/October 2023), published by Overlook Connection Press