Sleep Disorder by Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee Deluxe Traycased Hardcover (PREORDER)

Have you ever pictured a dream team of actors you would cast for one of your favorite books? Or two singers who would complement one another perfectly on a given song? How about two authors who just seemed made for one another? This is the first collection of collaborations between Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee.

If ever two authors were ideally suited for one another, it’s Ketchum and Lee. The five stories and two original versions (one by Ketchum and one by Lee) that make up SLEEP DISORDER prove how well they work together. The title story is newly penned by the duo and was written expressly for this collection.

Ketchum provided an insightful afterword, and cover and interior art is by Harry O. Morris. Plus, you can first read the collaborations, and then take a look at the two original stories (one from each author) written before the collaboration. It’s truly a unique glimpse at how these two authors blend their tremendous talents.


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