Richard Matheson Signed Limited Hardcover Bundle (SHORT-TERM PREORDER, LIMITED-TIME ONLY)

Limit 1 per customer/household - limited-time bundle of 6 limited edition hardcovers all signed by Richard Matheson

This special limited-time bundle is perfect for Richard Matheson fans and collectors! Get six rare limited edition hardcovers signed by the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Legend including one hardcover only offered from us in this bundle all for a discount off asking price! This bundle is offered for a limited-time only.

Richard Matheson Signed Limited Hardcover Bundle Contents 

1. Richard Matheson's Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Signed Limited Edition Hardcover - Only Offered from Dark Regions Press in This Bundle!

This is the definitive edition of Richard Matheson’s acclaimed short story that was filmed twice for The Twilight Zone. Limited edition hardcover signed by Richard Matheson which includes:

  • Matheson’s short story
  • Matheson’s script for Nightmare at 20000 feet for The Original Twilight Zone
  • The Matheson/George Miller script for The Twilight Zone Movie
  • Storyboards from The Twilight Zone Movie
  • The book is edited by Tony Albarella (editor of the Rod Serling script series). Richard Matheson was interviewed by Albarella for the book. We have contributions from William Shatner, Carol Serling and Rockne O’Bannon, Richard Donner, and Richard Christian Matheson.

2. Richard Matheson's Unrealized Dreams Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

3. The Richard Matheson Companion Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

4. Matheson Uncollected Volume One Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

5. Matheson Uncollected Volume Two Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

6. The Link by Richard Matheson Signed Limited Edition Hardcover


Product Info: books published by Gauntlet Press, SHORT-TERM PREORDER (ETA Summer 2021)

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