Phoenix 451 by Ray Bradbury (PREORDER)

Limit 1 per customer/household - limited hardcover unsigned edition

Ray Bradbury was always tinkering with his writing, especially his scripts. We’ve already published IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE with its four variations of his script. We are proud to be publishing five versions of Fahrenheit-451 he wrote beginning in 1955.

First, though we’re offering Bradbury’s second manuscript of his acclaimed novel that he typed — in facsimile fashion. The manuscript differs in a number of ways from the published novel.

Among the scripts Bradbury wrote there were three plays, one screenplay and a musical version of his novel.

There will be more including a number of Bradbury’s famous doodles that often accompanied books he signed for fans.

The book is edited by Elizabeth Nahum-Albright, daughter of Donn Albright who edited all of our other Bradbury books and assisted Elizabeth. There will also be b/w and color photos Elizabeth took of Ray’s house and office on glossy paper.

The lettered edition will contain a previously unpublished short story.

The cover will feature two Bradbury paintings (one on the front cover, the other on the back).


Product info: PREORDER (ETA: Summer 2022/Fall 2022), published by Gauntlet Press

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