Ouorboros by Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes

Ouroboros Supernatural Horror Novel by Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes

In a small coastal town, an ancient force stirs, drawn by the cumulative power of life and death, grief and sorrow, and ultimately, endless love.

OUROBOROS - life out of death.

Tom Christiansen's wife of 35-years, Dolly, is dead. His world suddenly shattered, Tom takes refuge in his house to grieve and reflect. Tom's thin veil of reality and fantasy begins to crack and slip. He hears things: the rusty creak of the backyard swing; the tap to tiny feet from an upstairs room. And he sees things, as well: a small rubber ball bouncing slowly down the stairs; birds like silent sentinels on electrical wires; a strange little pigtailed girl suddenly appearing in his yard, and what is that mysterious figure lying in the upstairs bed that he used to share with his beloved wife?

OUROBOROS - a new cycle has begun.

Tom's long-time neighbors, and dearest friends, Mick and Robbi Hamlin begin to notice strange behavior from grief-stricken Tom. The witness dinner place-settings for two. They hear hushed conversations from the old house, as if Tom is speaking to himself, as if he is not alone. There is a pale little girl in the backyard, swinging ceaselessly. And something is rustling in the bushes, peering out from the undergrowth with inquisitive eyes.

OUROBOROS - the end is just the beginning.

Product Information: Available in Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781626411036, MSRP $24.95) on DarkRegions.com, Specialty Stores/Sellers and in the Ingram Catalog (ipage).

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