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With the discovery of the Thompson Corridors, the universe has been opened up, connecting humankind with a vast network of sentient species. Xenosociologist Jesse Suzuki, a nanotech-rejuvenated “oldster,” has joined the forced exodus of the newly young, mandated by law to ship out through the Corridors after his 80th birthday.

Jesse finds his way to Eastlink, a sprawling human habitat orbiting Shjodathz, home to a race of regenerating beings who maintain direct memory of all their past incarnations. While studying the Shjodathi and their planetary biomachine guardian Kedel, he discovers a strange anomaly within the AI’s mind that leads him on a perilous, mind-blowing adventure.

Fans of David Marusek, William Gibson, R.A. Wilson and Philip K. Dick will find common ground here – it’s hard science fiction adventure with an eye toward metaphysics.
“Entirely the kind of forward-thinking, playfully-subversive, nobody-else-could-have-written-this-tickling-at-the-normosphere book I’ve always loved.” – John Skipp

Product Information: Available in Ebook (shipping now), Trade Paperback (shipping now, ISBN: 978-1626411524 , 6"x9", MSRP $19.95, Page Count: 180) and Deluxe Lettered 26 Slipcased Hardcover (Preorder: ETA Summer 2017, ISBN: 978-1-62641-226-2, MSRP $150) available on DarkRegions.com and specialty stores.

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