Magic the Gathering Cards Holiday Grab Bag

For Magic the Gathering players/collectors we have a special 200 card grab bag available in limited quantities! You will find 30 rares, 7 foils and 3 mythic Magic the Gathering cards in this special holiday grab bag along with 160 commons/uncommons! All cards included are new/unplayed. Shipping now!

Magic the Gathering Trading Card Grab Bag Contents:

  • 160 Commons/Uncommons
  • 30 Rares
  • 7 Foils
  • 3 Mythics

Your grab bag will contain cards from one or more of the following sets: Modern Masters 2017, Iconic Masters, Ultimate Masters, Commander 2017, Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Hour of Devastation, Aether Revolt, Unstable and War of the Spark.

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