In the Gulfs of Dream and Other Lovecraftian Tales by David Barker and W.H. Pugmire

Lovecraftian Horror Tales from W.H. Pugmire and David Barker!

David Barker and W. H. Pugmire explore the uncanny realms of Lovecraftian horror, influenced by the fiction of that eldritch master, H. P. Lovecraft. With individual tales by each author, and two extraordinary and lengthy collaborations, the authors prove that the Cthulhu Mythos remains a valid and never-ending source of inspiration. Especially vivid is their depiction of Lovecraft’s Dreamworld, as it is explored in a powerful new novella that will fascinate all lovers of Lovecraftian fiction.

Product Information: Deluxe 26 signed/lettered slipcased hardcover (letter 'I'). Originally published by Dark Renaissance Books.

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