Halloween Grab Bag 2018 - OCTOBER 9TH

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Dark Regions Press is excited to announce that the 2018 Halloween Grab Bag will be launching October 9th on Kickstarter! This special campaign debuts three new Dark Regions Press titles:

  • STRANDED: Lone Survivor Deserted Island Horror Stories
  • Transmissions from Punktown edited by Brian M. Sammons
  • Halloween Haunts Volume 1 Featuring Richard Chizmar, Jeff Strand, Lisa Morton, William Meikle and Elizabeth Massie

... and more Halloween goodies are in store, like four new limited edition Dark Regions Press bookmarks and high value collectibles! All three new books and main contents of each Halloween grab bag are ready to ship for when the campaign launches October 9th!

October 9th Kickstarter Campaign Information for 2018 Halloween Grab Bag

A new Kickstarter campaign is launching from Dark Regions Press on Tuesday, October 9th for the 2018 Halloween Grab Bag launching three new books from Dark Regions Press. This campaign will feature many exclusive specials and bonuses and the main portions of the Halloween Grab Bags will be ready to ship as soon as the campaign starts on October 9th!

Halloween Haunts Volume 1 Launches October 9th in Halloween Grab Bag

A new ebook anthology of Halloween terror, this first volume includes authors Richard Chizmar, Elizabeth Massie, Jeff Strand, Lisa Morton and William Meikle!

Table of Contents

"Smashing Jacks" by Jeff Strand
"The Halloween Dream Machine" by Lisa Morton
"Tumshie" by William Meikle
"The Witch" by Richard Chizmar
"Trick" by Elizabeth Massie

Transmissions from Punktown Edited by Brian M. Sammons Launches October 9th in Halloween Grab Bag

The sci-fi megalopolis known as Punktown created by author Jeffrey Thomas has inspired countless readers and writers around the world, many creating their own Punktown stories as a result. Author Jeffrey Thomas' world has inspired a new anthology of over 450 pages from Dark Regions Press: Transmissions from Punktown Edited by Brian M. Sammons, debuting October 9th in the Halloween Grab Bag!

Table of Contents

"Dreaming the City" – Jeffrey Thomas 
"The Cyclops: Part One" – Jeffrey Thomas
"The Dilky Never Landed" – Paul Tremblay
"Bedbug Radio" – Ian Rogers
"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring" – Nick Mamatas
"Growth Spurt" – Richard Lee Byers
"Novah On The Run (Her Blue Monday)" – Glynn Owen Barrass
"Ritual of Adoration" – W.H. Pugmire
"The Over and Under" – D.A. Madigan
"Lacunae and Nocturnes" – William Meikle
"Riding the Rainbow" – Don Webb
"Not For Human Consumption" – Peter Rawlik
"Sunup Over Misery Street" – Konstantine Paradias
"Blueshift Drive" – Edward M. Erdelac
"Aftermath of an Industrial Accident" – Mike Allen
"Less, Then Zero" – Jeff C. Carter
"Baphomet Descendent" – Scott R. Jones
"Crow-picked" – Christine Morgan
"The Monochromatic Betrayal of Frank Xerox" – Neil Baker
"Ksenija’s Pirate Prince" – Lee Clark Zumpe
"The Cherry" – Tom Lynch
"Payment for a Scar" – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
"The Extremities of Godfrey Aquinas" – Michael Griffin
"The Cyclops: Part Two" – Jeffrey Thomas

STRANDED: Lone Survivor Deserted Island Horror Stories Launches October 9th in Halloween Grab Bag

Stranded on deserted islands, the lone survivors in these stories face natural and supernatural obstacles. The horrors that they encounter will change them permanently or end their lives. Who will succumb to the terror of their island, and who will escape with their life?

Table of Contents

"Between the Oceans, Nothing" by JC Hemphill
"The Immunity Idol" by Bill Halpin
"Ayani" by Eliza Victoria
"Rot" by Morgana Spake
"Isle for One?" by Michael Picco
"The Black Rain" by John W Marin
"Nuclear Sunset" by J Michael Wright (witchyboipop)

Stranded: Lone Survivor Deserted Island Horror Stories collects the winning stories from the 2018 Deserted Island Lone Survivor writing contest from Dark Regions Press into a chapbook anthology which will be available in ebook and paperback in the 2018 Halloween Grab Bag launching October 9th!

Halloween Surprises, Limited Edition Hardcovers and Bookmarks, Extra Bonuses and More!

Join us October 9th on Kickstarter to Reserve Your 2018 Halloween Grab Bag Including Three New Books, Limited Edition Bookmarks and Collectibles!

Thanks to everyone who joins us October 9th and supports independent specialty publishing!

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