Galilee A Romance by Clive Barker B.E. Trice 1st Ed. Signed 1998 Hardcover Book New

Trice 1998 Signed Limited Hardcover Galilee by Clive Barker Letter 'X' NEW

Clive Barker (more than 3.52 million copies of his books in print) returns to raise hell once again on bestseller lists from coast to coast with Galilee -- a frightful tale of two affluent American families and the dark forces that surround them. Amy Pallenberg Never Dreamed That She Would Ever Meet -- let alone marry -- Mitchell Geary, the most eligible bachelor in America. As wealthy as the Rockefellers and as glamorous as the Kennedys, his family has been a powerful American presence since the Civil War. But behind this facade, the family hides some sinister secrets, and as Amy begins to unravel them, her life soon becomes stranger than she ever dreamed. The Gearys are at war with the Barbarossas -- a clan whose origins lie in myth, and whose far-reaching influences are felt not in Washington or on Wall Street, but in the deep, sensual exchanges of flesh and soul. And when Galilee Barbarossa and Amy unexpectedly fall in love, the hostilities the two families have kept in check for generations finally erupt in all their unholy glory. As groundbreaking and influential as his international bestsellers Everville and Imajica, and as spine-tingling as his wildly successful Hellraiser series, Galilee is Clive Barker's darkest and most sophisticated novel to date.

Product Information: Published by B.E. Trice 1998, New Letter 'X' Signed by Clive Barker Shipping Now.

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