Double Visions by Bruce Boston

In Double Visions, SFPA Grandmaster Poet Bruce Boston collaborates with ten other poets, including fellow Grandmaster Robert Frazier, Bram Stoker Award winner Marge Simon, and Asimov's Readers' Award winner G. O. Clark. Includes seven Rhysling nominees, the winner of the Odyssey Poetry Award, and the winner of the Locus Online Poetry Poll for Best All-Time SF, Fantasy, or Horror Poem.

"Double Visions explores and articulates the alien countryside that lies just behind the façade of ordinary existence and examines the elusive, fleeting shadows where fundamental truths reside. I came away from this collection with an enhanced appreciation for the richness, strangeness, horror, delight, and utter beauty of our kind's brief sojourn in the cosmos." - from the introduction by J. L. Comeau

Product Information: Published by Dark Regions Press. Out of print.

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