Dark Carnival by Ray Bradbury Lettered PC Hardcover Without Traycase

Ray Bradbury's agent and estate has definitely said: there will be no further printings of Dark Carnival. Thus, this final edition of the book is even more of a treasure and contains four bonus stories that were intended to be included in the original book but were omitted due to space requirements of Arkham House.

The cover art for this book is a haunting Bradbury oil painting, which Bradbury painted around the time he wrote DARK CARNIVAL. It was NOT painted for the book, but is a perfect cover for this lost classic.

Clive Barker, a great fan of Bradbury’s work, wrote an afterword and signed the Lettered along with Bradbury.

Over 50 years out of print, this is the final printing of Dark Carnival. Ray Bradbury agreed to allow this classic to be published in a LIMITED edition, with bonus material, edited by his long-time bibliographer Donn Albright. The cover art is a Bradbury oil painting from Albright’s personal collection, painted by Bradbury around the time of the original publication of DARK CARNIVAL. The book is reproduced as it originally appeared AND a host of bonus material is included, from Albright’s personal archives. Including four additional short stories for this definitive edition of the DARK CARNIVAL. These are stories that did not appear in the original, with most all but impossible to get a hold of. All were originally published in Weird Tales and were at one time considered for publication in the original version of DARK CARNIVAL. Four stories will appear in the book itself: “The Watchers” Bradbury’s first anthology sale in Rue Morgue which he sold at the age of 25. There is also “The Poems” “Bang, You’re Dead” and “The Seashells.” Other bonus material include Bradbury’s original proposal for DARK CARNIVAL, a detailed proposal for a ballet with handwritten notes Bradbury made to himself, the original U.S. and U.K. versions of the cover, story notes in Bradbury’s own words from a taped session with Donn Albright and far more. Only 700 numbered copies and 52 lettered copies of this classic were sold. After they were sold out Bradbury’s representatives said the book goes back into the vault (NO further editions, no paperbacks).


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