Backshot by Tom Piccirilli and Ed Gorman

New Signed Limited Editions from Ed Gorman and Tom Piccirilli

Backshot (2012) by Tom Piccirilli

750 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover (Signed by Tom, Bound in Book Cloth and Smyth sewn).

Only one gig had gone bad in Royce's twenty-year career, but it had ended just about as badly as possible, with his back broken and him in jail.

A specialist said it would be a year before he'd walk again, if then. Royce took this news as a personal challenge and let his concentration begin to harden. He fixed his will and figured he'd be on his feet in six months. He set a clock inside his head and started the countdown.

At night, when everyone else was asleep, Royce practiced with the two-inch blade he had smuggled in with him. He'd always been good with a knife.

Now Royce just had to get back on his feet and stay alive, and then he could have his revenge...

Backshot (1902) by Ed Gorman

750 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover (Signed by Ed, Bound in Book Cloth and Smyth sewn).

In the tradition of Charles Willeford's western noirs, Ed Gorman gives us the mining town of Granite Bend, where mining interests run the often violent lives of its citizens as we see first-hand when the fates of Marshal Royce and a young drifter intersect. Gorman's portrait of the West is a real one, not a mythic one. He paints the people and their era with page-turning incidents of brutality and intrigue offering us compelling monsters and victims alike.

Quick Info: Published by Cemetery Dance. Both signed limited editions are available individually or in a package discount. 

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