Dark Regions Press Retail Catalog Digital PDF Download: click here. This page lists all currently available Dark Regions Press titles alphabetically ordered by title with hyperlinks to each respective product page (if available): A Haunted Halloween, by Paul Melniczek A Mountain Walked: Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Edited by S. T. Joshi Addicted to the Dead, by Shane McKenzie Beautiful Hell, by Jeffrey Thomas Blindspot, by Michael McBride Blood Wallah and Other Poems, by Robert Borski Carnacki: Heaven and Hell, by William Meikle Chiral Mad 3, Edited by Michael Bailey Christmas Horror Volume 1, by Joe R. Lansdale Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition Cold to the Touch, by Simon Strantzas Crooked House, by Joe McKinney Crustaceans by William Meikle Dark Entities by David Dunwoody Dark Melodies by William Meikle Dark Surge, by Gina Ranalli Dead Clown Barbecue, by Jeff Strand Deep Like the River, by Tim Waggoner Discoveries: Best of Horror and Dark Fantasy, Edited by James Beach and Jason V Brock Doomsdays, by Jeffrey Thomas Do-Overs and Detours, by Steve Vernon Double Visions, by Bruce Boston Dreams from the Witch House, Edited by Lynne Jamneck Dweller, by Jeff Strand Encounters with Enoch Coffin, by W. H. Pugmire Gathered Dust and Others, by W. H. Pugmire Ghost Heart, by Weston Ochse Ghosts of Punktown, by Jeffrey Thomas Gleefully Macabre Tales, by Jeff Strand Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala, by Rick Hautala Going Back, by Tony Richards Holes for Faces, by Ramsey Campbell Hot in December, by Joe R. Lansdale Isis Unbound, by Allyson Bird Like a Dead Man Walking, by William F. Nolan Lovers & Killers, by Mary Turzillo Lullaby for the Rain Girl, by Christopher Conlon Luminous Worlds, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel MADHOUSE, Edited by Brad C. Hodson and Benjamin Kane Ethridge Midnight's Angels, by Tony Richards Monsters, by Paul Melniczek Multiplex Fandango, by Weston Ochse New Moon on the Water, by Mort Castle Nightingale Songs, by Simon Strantzas Nocturnal Emissions, by Jeffrey Thomas Notes from the Shadow City, by Gary William Crawford Other Gods, by Stephen Mark Rainey Our Lady of the Shadows, by Tony Richards Ouroboros, by Michael Kelly Over the Darkening Fields, by Scott Thomas Phantom Navigation, by Robert Frazier Prisoner 489, by Joe R. Lansdale Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror, by William Meikle Quill & Candle, by Scott Thomas Resurrection House, by James Chambers Rusting Chickens, by Gene O’Neill Scattered Ashes, by Scott Nicholson Scenes Along the Zombie Highway, by G. O. Clark Shades of Blood and Shadow, by Angeline Hawkes Shadows and Other Tales, by Tony Richards Sherlock Holmes: Revenant, by William Meikle Sherlock Holmes: The Impossible Cases, by Daniel McGachey Strange Vegetables, by G. O. Clark Surrealities, by Bruce Boston Tales of The Weak & The Wounded, by Gary McMahon The Confessions of St. Zach, by Gene O’Neill The Creeping Kelp, by William Meikle The Disappeared, by David B. Silva The Engines of Sacrifice, by James Chambers The Fall of Hades, by Jeffrey Thomas The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits, by Stephen Mark Rainey The Harmony Society, by Tim Waggoner The Library of the Dead, Edited by Michael Bailey The Nightmare Collection, by Bruce Boston The Plasm, by William Meikle The Ravine, by William Meikle The Walls of the Castle, by Tom Piccirilli The Watching, by Paul Melniczek The White Room, by Rick Hautala They That Dwell in Dark Places, by Daniel Mcgachey Thought Forms, by Jeffrey Thomas Urn & Willow, by Scott Thomas Voices from Hades, by Jeffrey Thomas Voices from Punktown, by Jeffrey Thomas Wolf Hunt, by Jeff Strand Wolf Hunt 2, by Jeff Strand World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories, Edited by Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass