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From Scottish writer William Meikle comes five ebooks grouped together in one convenient package: the William Meikle Ebook Bundle from Dark Regions Press! Order through this page and receive instant download links for your five William Meikle ebook titles in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats.

Ebook Titles in William Meikle Bundle

  • The House on the Moor
  • Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths & Other Stories
  • Sherlock Holmes: The London Terrors
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy
  • Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate

The House on the Moor by William Meikle

David Blacklaw and Hugh Fraswer were celebrities in the days before it became a dirty word. They had done it all, in grand style—until the mysterious scandal that brought their fame crashing to an end. Now Fraser’s grandson, John, has come to the crumbling Blacklaw ancestral home on the Scottish moors, looking for answers, in search of a story that will make his career.

But what he finds is much more than a cover-up of a scandalous secret. A brooding terror lurks in the shadows of Black law House, something that skitters in the eaves and rustles in the pages of the books in the old library—a dark entity that whispers in John’s ear, seducing and promising. Meanwhile, outside in the mist, something walks the fog-bound moors, getting ever closer to the house even as Jon closes in on the secret.

The race is on for John to find the answer and reap the prize, before the horror takes root in his soul.

Professor Challenger: The Key Growths & Other Stories by William Meikle

Professor Challenger has mostly played second fiddle to Holmes in the Conan Doyle canon, but in THE KEW GROWTHS AND OTHER STORIES the larger-than-life adventurer takes center stage. In these tales you'll find him investigating lost worlds, delving into deep and dangerous places, and facing creatures long thought lost in legend.

Follow Challenger as, with the help of his long-time companion, journalist Edward Malone, and some aid from Carnacki and John Logie Baird, he saves London from menace, tracks down ape-men, and visits a high plateau in Montana where time has stood still.

Sherlock Holmes: The London Terrors by William Meikle

Three brand new Sherlock Holmes novellas! Full color illustrations by M. Wayne Miller. If you are a lover of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal character, you will be sure to love these fast paced Sherlock Holmes adventures.

Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy and Other Stories by William Meikle

"When I first set out to document the casebook of my good friend Sherlock Holmes, there were some cases I approached with a certain degree of trepidation. Holmes has a public face as a man of strict rationality, a stickler for method and observation. But Holmes himself has always been open to more extreme possibilities."

In these pages you'll find, among other things, a jade pendant that bestows great power, a fiddle that holds the key to an ancient secret, a lost overcoat that wants to return to its owner, and an encounter with an old foe that imperils the whole of Great Britain. All of them are cases that Holmes and Watson must solve, even if they have to open themselves to extreme possibilities to do so.

Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate by William Meikle

CARNACKI operates in shadowy occult realms, on the fringes, in places out of sight and out of mind of normal ever yday people. But sometimes the darkness touches the lives of these ordinary folks, and they find they need help - the kind of help that only Carnacki can provide. In MR. CHURCHILL'S DILEMMA and THE WATCHER AT THE GATE : Carnacki is called on to help a young Winston Churchill in defeating a menace from the east that threatens hostilities in the years before WW1, and in overseeing an experiment that threatens to expose the whole of South East England to an entity from the Outer Darkness. In CAPTAIN GAULT'S NEMESIS, THE BLUE EGG and THE GRAY BOATS, Carnacki aids another Hodgson character, the aforesaid Captain, in ridding his vessel of an ancient cursed box, in the procurement of a great Arabian gem, and in the salvage of a nautical government experiment gone disastrously wrong. 

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