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Stranded on deserted islands, the lone survivors in these stories face natural and supernatural obstacles. The horrors that they encounter will change them permanently or end their lives. Who will succumb to the terror of their island, and who will escape with their life?

Table of Contents

"Between the Oceans, Nothing" by JC Hemphill

"The Immunity Idol" by Bill Halpin

"Ayani" by Eliza Victoria

"Rot" by Morgana Spake

"Isle for One?" by Michael Picco

"The Black Rain" by John W Marin

"Nuclear Sunset" by J Michael Wright (witchyboipop)

Stranded: Lone Survivor Deserted Island Horror Stories collects the winning stories from the 2018 Deserted Island Lone Survivor writing contest from Dark Regions Press into a chapbook anthology.

Product Information: Published by Dark Regions Press. Ebook and paperback only.