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The Library Edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites is limited to 520 copies. It consists of twelve short stories that were deemed favourite by Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band
The Adventure of the Red-Headed League
The Adventure of the Dancing Men
The Adventure of the Final Problem
The Adventure of a Scandal in Bohemia
The Adventure of the Empty House
The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips
The Adventure of the Second Stain
The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
The Adventure of the Priory School
The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
The Adventure of the Reigate Squires

This edition comes in a slipcase, featuring the title on the front part of the slipcase, done with a combination of blind and gold blocking.

The book is bound in premium Fedrigoni Savile Row paper with a cutout in shape of Sherlock’s pipe on the front cover, featuring a tartan fabric below, while the title of the book is blocked on the spine in brown foil.

Once you open the book, you’ll be met by UV printed endpapers featuring a wallpaper motif inspired by the wallpapers in Sherlock’s living room. Inside of the book you can find twelve illustrations by Manuel Šumberac, who has also done all the artwork, including the drop caps, for this title. The illustrations for this edition are truly remarkable, something that we have never done before. Since this is a short story collection, it made no sense to look for key plot points; instead the idea was to boil down the whole story into a singular illustration, which offered a “blueprint” of the story expressed artistically. Each illustration contains the key elements of the story, which is intended to beckon the reader to return and give it another look to better understand the story.

As you go through the chapters, you’ll see there are beautiful themed drop caps designed for each story, as well as the unique title for each of them. Once you need a break from reading, you can use the bookmark shaped like a magnifying glass, but is fully functional as well, because it has a plastic lens with 3x magnification.

As previously mentioned, this edition is limited to 520 copies, with a few additional publisher’s copies for the key participants of the projects that will never go to sale, making this a true rarity.

Edition information:

  • Limited to 520 copies.
  • Slipcase bound in Fedrigoni Savile Row Plain Brown paper featuring blind and gold blocking.
  • Quarter-bound in Fedrigoni Savile Row Tweed Brown and Plain Camel paper with a cutout in shape of Sherlock’s pipe on the front cover, featuring a tartan pattern printed below.
  • Spine blocked in brown foil.
  • UV printed endpapers on Fedrigoni Savile Row Plain Brown featuring a unique pattern inspired by Sherlock’s wallpapers featured in his home’s living room.
  • Printed letterpress on Savile Row Plain White paper (140g; 60% ECF wood-free pulp, 20% cotton fibres and 20% textile fibres).
  • Twelve full page coloured illustrations by Manuel Šumberac.
  • Illustrated drop caps for every chapter.
  • Smyth sewn binding.
  • Several hidden design details.
  • Bookmark in shape of a magnifying glass with a plastic lens.

The Library Edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites is a short story collection featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s twelve favourite stories about his fictional detective and it is limited to 520 copies.

Please note that these product photos are digital mockups and the final product is liable to changes and will feature some improvements as well.

Product info: in stock, published by Amaranthine Books