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La Belle Fleur Sauvage is a new post-apocalyptic novella from bestselling author Caitlín R. Kiernan (Black Helicopters, The Drowning Girl). Now available for preorder in audio option, ebook, trade paperback, signed & numbered deluxe hardcover edition and a deluxe box set. This title marks the first of 4 plagues in a new 4 book set from Dark Regions Press.

About the Book

"Twenty-six years after murderous parasites invaded fertile women’s wombs and laid the world waste, 11 linked vignettes chart a New York wracked with oracles and statistical prophets, where hysterectomies are mandated and Carnival parades for the saint of miscarriage throw “carriers of contagion” and “would-be breeders” into the sea. Amid the ruins, the protagonists grapple with the past and learn to survive what remains."

"Kiernan (Black Helicopters) turns her virtuosic prose toward disaster, myth, and survival in this standalone postapocalyptic novella ... finely wrought, and vital." - from Publishers Weekly Starred Review of La Belle Fleur Sauvage by Caitlín R. Kiernan

Deluxe Signed & Numbered Hardcover Information

  • Limited to 300 signed & numbered hardcovers worldwide
  • Signed by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • Hand-numbered 1 to 300
  • Printed offset on acid-free paper with Smyth sewn binding
  • Bound in premium black book cloth
  • Black-dyed page edges
  • Color illustrated end sheets
  • Wraparound color dust jacket
  • Oversized at 7"x10"
  • Front cover stamped with Plague of the Womb symbol and spine stamped with title and author name in gold
  • Exclusive bonus materials only available in deluxe hardcover edition
  • Includes ebook and audio option downloads

4 Book Deluxe Box Set Information

La Belle Fleur Sauvage is the first book in a new set of 4 books with each book representing a plague. Each of the 4 books will be written by different authors offered in identical formats and will be designed to line up nicely on the shelf. Limit 1 deluxe box set per customer/household.

  • Deluxe Signed & Numbered Hardcover of La Belle Fleur Sauvage by Caitlín R. Kiernan + 3 more Deluxe Signed & Numbered Hardcover editions of upcoming plague novellas from Dark Regions Press
  • Each book represents a different plague: Plague of the Womb (La Belle Fleur Sauvage), Plague of the Skin (forthcoming), Plague of the Heart (forthcoming) and Plague of the Brain (forthcoming)
  • Exclusive slipcase stamped with all 4 plague symbols designed to house all 4 deluxe signed & numbered hardcover books
  • Saves $100 off retail price
  • Variant signature sheets signed by the author of each respective book and editor Chris Morey - numbered in red ink instead of black
  • Art posters of each book's cover and bookmarks of each plague symbol
  • Guaranteed number matching and lowest numbers available

Ebook, Audio Option and Trade Paperback Information

The ebook will be delivered to customers starting November 2019 in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats. The audio option is an audio version of the book narrated by realistic artificial intelligence text-to-speech software and will be sent to customers starting November 2019 in DRM-free digital audio formats. The trade paperback is standard sized at 6"x9" and will begin shipping by December 2019. 

About the Author

Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan is the author of science fiction and dark fantasy works, including ten novels; many comic books; and more than two hundred published short stories, novellas, and vignettes. She is also the author of scientific papers in the field of paleontology.

Product Info: published by Dark Regions Press, ebook and paperback in stock and shipping now, PREORDER for Deluxe Signed Hardcover (Forthcoming 2023), other 3 deluxe hardcovers in 4 book subscription - 2024 to 2026 - books and posters ship individually as they are published to box set customers, exclusive slipcase ships with 4th deluxe hardcover book. Preorders directly support production of this title.